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Supply Chain Logistics

What We Offer

Just as it is central to the growth of a business, supply can also be quite worrisome to handle. It requires a broad range of specialised services and very detailed planning. Each commodity also has to be stored in the appropriate location for transport. In addition to these are the various processes that have to be encountered before it finally makes it to boarding. It is for this reason that Sensortronics provides a less cumbersome service, conducted by experts who are savvy about the job.

Aerial top view of container cargo ship in the export and import business and logistics

Import And Export Handling

WAC is equipped to attend to your dynamic import and export needs. Our members are versed at conducting goods across regions in a seamless manner. Until they get to you, Sensortronics relieves you of every stress involved in getting them through.

Loading And Discharge

A variety of equipment are involved in the loading and discharge process of freight. Similarly, these equipment could reflect the kind of material being loaded or unloaded.

To ensure that you know what category your commodity would fall into, we will give insights on freight categories. Equipment, containers, will depend largely on whether your items are dry bulk or liquid bulk.

container cargo operation
Process of Loading Ship with Container Storage Units


Realising that safety of goods during transit is a foremost concern for business operators, our exports ensure security of the cargo by putting appropriate measures in place.

These measures take into consideration the different conditions that cargo may be exposed and are sensitive to. With our team on hand, you can be sure of safe passage, and undamaged goods.

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