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Freight Coordination

What We Offer

In each sector of the economy is an interesting range of prospects. Across geographical regions, places exist where the potential to deliver a particular service is way stronger than the other. For this reason, transportation is employed as an instrument for the transfer of items from one economic base to the other. This exchange is what fuels growth on both ends of the divide. Just as we are deeply invested in the provision of weighing services, we also believe in making things easy for consumers or business operators. Because of this view, we have become active in the region of transporting large volumes of goods across different regions. This we do with the highest degree of professionalism and attention to detail. Sensortronics enables people to move their items from place to place without having to face the hassles of going through it themselves. The following are the services we bring to the table.

container freight yard


Many times when people go into the transportation of freight, they do it without the appropriate level of information required to do it smoothly. This causes problems along the line and ends up leaving the individual more frustrated than pleased.

Understanding this, we offer our team of experts who are substantially equipped to deal with such issues. They possess comprehensive information on the format and processes by which freight is moved from location to location. With their skills, they save the consumer heartache over the delivery of products.

Freight Monitoring

Sensortronics also offers monitoring services for freight. We ensure that your items are in top condition during transit and do not incur any damage. While your goods are transported, our team will keep a consistent track of it until it arrives at its final destination.

In that time, you will also be continually updated on the condition of the goods, delays along the way, regulatory procedures etcetera. That way, you can rest assured that no item is unsupervised.

men with malt bags and mill at craft beer brewery
lot's of cargo freight containers

What More?

Sensortronics is a body committed to delivering optimum services. Our performance in the eyes of the customer is important to us and we always work to build a great image.

This is why no matter the kind of item you are transporting or the transport it is on, we will keep tabs and put you at ease. As you conduct your business, we will also provide relevant assistance every step of the way.

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