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Calibration And Service

Why It Is Necessary

Weighing equipment requires a certain degree of maintenance to keep them working. Over time, they must be serviced to sustain top working conditions and effectiveness. In line with this need, WAC works to protect the interests of our end users by helping to maintain the various bits.

Transportation and Logistics! Trucks on a busy highway in the Truck Scales Weigh Station.

Our Team

We have a team of topnotch, technical operators who are ready to service weighing equipment across the country. They are thoroughly versed in their understanding of individual bits and are therefore qualified to get them working.

Qualifications Of Our Providers

In providing maintenance services to our customers, we must also mention that our technical team is a group of highly qualified experts at the job. Testimonials to this are their certifications as specialists on weighing equipment.

This puts a stamp on our commitment to standards and our dedication to seeing you get the best. In like manner, the appropriate kind of servicing tools are also on ground to retrofit your scales.


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