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Welcome to Weight A Container

We offer services in weighing and inspecting containers in Australia. We offer our services to the best of industry standards.

We make use of excellent pieces of equipment to deliver our services, and we offer clients and top-notch solutions like no other. For excellent and unique solutions, we are your go-to.

We have a team of highly trained experts with years of experience working in the field. Our experts understand the nitty-gritty of weighing and installation of containers.

Waste, Resources And Mining

Waste is an actual consequence of what may even seem to be the most ordinary of human activities. But in a complex, more economic and ecological sense, the transition of waste across international borders could invite quite a number of unexpected results.

Agriculture And Produce

We offer weighing services for agricultural produce as well. Produce from the fields and agri-based industries have to be quantified and promptly recorded.

Medical, Health, And Fitness

You need to regularly weigh on a scale for your health. Where there is little to no idea of progress, it becomes easy to drop off a workout routine. Some measuring equipment will sort this out just by being in a corner somewhere.


We hold manufacturing in high esteem. Being a company which is intertwined with the manufacturing sector, we regard it a sacred duty to add equal value to this same place. Since it is where we belong, we continually strive to invest in the many ways that capacity can be built.

Retail, Service And Food Processing

At WAC, we use a broad spectrum approach to determine who or what kind of service would require what we offer. Retail services are a prime component that quickly comes to mind and as such form an important part of our deliveries.


Weighing tools are essential to businesses in this sector. To make weighing equipment accessible to end-users, WAC factors the need for ease into the products it offers. This is to enable the average person to maneuver his way around the equipment without much hassles.


Container Terminal - Shipping Container with Austria flag.

Weight Coordination

WAC is also equipped to provide detailed information on the new freight trends for people who desire to conduct it. The information is always in line with up to date trends and will handle any dynamic of the process.

Supply Chain Logistics

WAC is equipped to attend to your dynamic import and export needs. Our members are versed at conducting goods across regions in a seamless manner.

Woman blue collar truck driver or transportation supply chain professional
Code on computer screen programming software

Weighing Software And Hardware

You cannot do without software and hardware. It is the twenty-first century and software drives the world. Decades ago, there was little to say for anything that did not rely on normal interpersonal connections and services that required physical delivery.

Calibration And Service

Calibration entails refitting component parts of the equipment to prevent a random breakdown. This ensures the longevity of service and customer satisfaction.

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Located in Australia

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